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Physicals Specialist

Chesapeake Wellness Center

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One of the best ways to maintain your family’s health is through annual physicals. At Chesapeake Wellness Center, the team of health care providers headed up by Dr. Paul Katz provides the communities of Cecil, Kent, and Queen Anne’s counties with peace of mind knowing that their health is closely monitored over time. To book your annual physical or your specialty physical at the Chestertown, Cecilton or Elkton, Maryland, office, please call or use the easy online booking tool.

Physicals Q & A

Why is an annual physical important?

As preventive health care tools go, your annual physical at Chesapeake Wellness Center ranks among the most important. This yearly visit allows your medical team to screen your health, monitor your risk factors and spot any alarming trends that may be headed off with early intervention.

The team at Chesapeake Wellness Center prides itself on partnering with you to safeguard the health of your entire family. Your annual exam provides a long-term record of your ever-changing health. This long-term record is the foundation for a therapeutic alliance between you and your team of health care providers at Chesapeake Wellness Center. Such an alliance enables them to become steadily more familiar with your family’s medical history, your lifestyle and your goals to tailor preventive health care programs designed to help you lead a happy, healthy life.

What happens during a physical?

An annual physical focuses on routine examinations and may involve the following.

  • Recording your vital statistics (heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, etc.)
  • Taking your measurements (height and weight)
  • A review of your current and past medical history
  • A review of your medication list
  • A check of your ears, nose, throat and eyes
  • A pulmonary and heart check
  • Reflex, motor skills and cognitive function testing
  • Lab tests (blood and urine)

A routine physical enables you and the Chesapeake Wellness Center team to develop a treatment plan for any health issues that are found or encourage you to continue maintaining your good health.

They also make sure that you’re up to date on your screenings, including all-important cancer screenings and immunizations.

In addition to routine physicals, Chesapeake Wellness Center offers specialty physicals.

What are specialty physicals?

As schools, employers and organizations are becoming increasingly invested in your health, many are requiring special physical examinations.

For example, your child may need a quick physical before the school year starts or they may be required to undergo a special physical if they want to participate in sports.

If you need a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical for your commercial driver’s license (CDL), Dr. Paul Katz is a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Certified medical examiner.

Whatever the circumstances, the medical team routinely handles specialty physicals of all kinds and gathers the information required to correctly complete appropriate forms.

For all of your physical examinations needs, call Chesapeake Wellness Center or use the online booking tool.